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Pre-Recorded & Live Lectures

Study our exclusive Islamic & Herbal Science courses online, according to your own schedule. Enjoy live & interactive lessons with your teacher and class-mates in a traditional Halaqa setting virtually.

Classical Sciences

Contemporary Methodology

Study our exclusive classical syllabus in a contemporary setting. Our institutions are focused on producing the practitioners and academicians of the future. Enrol today and begin your journey!

Our Instructors

Sheikh Hakeem Atabek

Founder and Dean of Maturidi College and Ibn Sina Institute. Study directly under a classical scholar and obtain Ijazah and Isnad.

Ustadha Sonia Nisa

Sonia is a Senior Student of Shaykh Atabek Shukurov. She currently teaches the Practical Remedy Making and Arabic Courses.

Ustadh Moneeb Minhas

Moneeb is a Senior Student of Shaykh Atabek. He teaches our Herbal Encyclopedia program & manages our Learning Support Team.

Featured Courses

Our selection of courses covering Islamic Sciences, Arabic and Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine.

Arabic Grammar & Vocab

This course covers the sciences of Nahw and Sarf, In addition to this the seeker is exposed to an extensive vocabulary course.
Ustadha Sonia Nisa

Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine (CMA Diploma)

Our flagship Herbal Medicine Course. Students shall study this exclusive CMA Accredited Diploma, directly under Shaykh Hakim Atabek.
Shaykh Hakim Atabek

Islamic Studies Program

This intensive 3 year course covers Arabic & Islamic sciences, and offers the opportunity to obtain Ijazah & Isnad via Shaykh Hakim Atabek.
Ustadha Sonia Nisa

Islamic Sciences

Maturidi Institute is an organisation which has been founded by the renowned Scholar and Herbalist: Sh. Atabek Shukurov an Nasafi to focus on research and education. His immaculate character and ocean of knowledge in both the Islamic Sciences and Herbal Medicine make him second to none in this field.

Herbal Medicine

Ibn Sina Herbal are specialists not only in Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine but also in different aspects of both health and life. We provide a wide range of treatment and learning services, both in UK nationally and Internationally. Our aim is to cure and educate people not only using Herbal Medicine but other alternative methods. 

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