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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of studying online?

The course is delivered on a learning management system (LMS) with Live Lessons (if applicable) managed within the system using Zoom as a virtual classroom / webinar / meeting. The selection of the system by the College has taken place after a trial and error of many systems which ensures minimum issues and ensures the system meets expectations . Some of the features of the system is as follows:
  • Learn on the go with both systems being compatible with desktop computer, laptop, tablets and mobile phones (both Apple and Android devices)
  • Step by step LMS system with pre-requisites to ensure all content is covered
  • If applicable. live lessons with the ability to ask questions live (video sharing, audio and text). Live lessons can be watched using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet and mobile including iphone and android.
  • Recording of live lessons available within the portal after each lesson and will remain on the portal throughout your study over the 3 years
  • Interact with staff and students through the online discussion section dedicated to each course as well as a dedicated Whatsapp Group
  • Submission of assignments, examination and certification
  • Enrolment management to allow you to track and manage subscriptions and payments

2. Is the timetable flexible?

If the course is online and prerecorded then the recordings can be viewed from any where and are available on a 24/7 basis. The examination are released during Summer each year. If the course has live lessons and you wish to attend the live lessons as opposed to the recordings posted. Due to the course being held and based in the UK. All timings and schedules will be issued according to UK time and date. If you are located in a different time zone, then you must calculate your own time differences according to your own respective countries.

The course term times and holidays will be in conjunction with regular UK state schools and universities (ie: Christmas and New year holidays, similar to UK schools). Lesson time is scheduled as 2 hour per lesson but these may be +/- 1 hour. Practical Lessons usually run to 3 hours and theory lessons can sometimes finish in 1 hour depending on whether the content is covered 

1. What is a Isnaad?

The Isnaad document is an ancient method of certification that would be displayed to students on completion of studies in the past. This would contain all the names of the teachers throughout the generations that have passed on the knowledge from teacher to student going back to the source. The isnaad will be certified and issued by Shaykh Atabek Shukurov.

2. How to Enrol

To enrol click on the enrolment / register button on top of this page. This will take you through a simple registration process and allow you access to your portal area. If not already done so as part of the registration process, can you please provide your mobile number to +447405 953199 to allow us to add you to the communication groups (if applicable). 

Is there a Discount Policy?

Discount Policies / Options (Please note the offers below cannot be used in conjunction with each other)
We are currently running a discount policy for the Maturidi and Ibnsina Institute courses to ensure a fair policy to allow students to enrol and also to reward all those that help us. The discount policy is:

  • International air discount policy - Discounts are available for other countries based on costs of the local economy), please contact or
  • Recommendation - - If a student signs up with a recommendation from another student or friend they will receive or earn 5% of the course fee. There is no maximum limit for recommendations. Staff recommendation will earn 10%. A number of students from last year have not made use of this opportunity
  • Network / Partners Discount- If you are a Ibnsina or Maturidi Institute member, Please contact us at
  • Staff / Volunteers - Please contact us at or
  • Promotional - Please subscribe to the websites or the promotions will be posted on the learning portals
  • Other Reasons - We understand there could be other reasons why a discount is required. This can be reviewed please contact us advising your reasons and we will respond as required.

3. Is there a Refunds or Cancellation Policy?

All funds received by Ibn Sina Herbal are used in research and development for alternative means to cure people. We understand that circumstances sometimes do not allow students to continue onto the Herbal Course and we have therefore adopted a refund policy. The refunds policy in place is: If you decide to no longer continue with the herbal course then there are two options;
1. If you are paying on monthly basis, your subscription will be cancelled as soon as you apply to withdraw from the course. However, the previous payments will not be refunded.
2. If you made an advanced payment for the year then you will get a refund of the of the second and third semesters if you withdraw from the course in the first semester. However, after the first semester there is no refund.

How are the courses delivered?

The course is currently designed to be delivered online through, online literature, weekly live lessons (if applicable), pre recorded lessons (this includes recording of the live lessons that have taken place) and discussion forums with staff and students, with the opportunity to meet all staff and students at the Annual Retreat Event. All examinations will also take place remotely online

Do we have to pay for the course fees upfront?

For all enrolments payments must be made in advance and on annual / monthly / termly options this is generally taken automatically. Any delays in payments may incur additional charges and / or loss of online access to the portal area. Where the course is on a free to learn basis the content can be viewed for free on the course page and you will only need to enrol for examinations. Please note other benefits of enrolling.

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