1.01 Aqeedah | Hanafi | Tahawiyyah (Islamic Theology) Islamic Scholarship - Level 1 Module

Aqeedah (Islamic Theology) is the study of religion and belief. The module will allow the student to develop an understanding of theology and also the current arguments around it. Topics covered include Elaahiyah (Issues pertaining to Allah), Nabuwwah (Prophethood) of Tibb and Sami'aat (Unseen).

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Instructor: Shaykh Atabek Shukurov 
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Course / Module Information

Subject:  Aqeedah (Theology)
Unit Title: Maturidi Aqeedah (Islamic Theology
Duration / Lessons:  16+ Hours
Playback Type: Pre-Recorded
Certificate: Yes
Sanad & Ijazah: Yes 
Taught by: Shaykh Atabek Shukurov 
Course Text: Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah 
Text Author:  Imam Abu Ja`far Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Azdi at-Tahawi 
Introduction: Aqeedah (Islamic Theology) is the study of religion and belief. The module will allow the student to develop an understanding of theology and also the current arguments around it. To achieve this the text which will be studied is Imam Tahawi text Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah and will also give an opportunity to obtain a Isnaad (Authentic chain of transmission) for this book going back to Imam Tahawi himself. The course instructor is Shaykh Atabek Shukurov
Text: Al Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah (literally meaning The Creed of Imam Tahawi) is a Theological manuscript written just a few centuries after the demise of the Prophet (saw), making it one of the oldest books in Aqeedah (Islamic Theology). Not only is it studied by nearly every group and school of Aqeedah but it also holds tremendous weight in Islamic Theological arguments
On the scholarship program the book is chosen as the first Aqeedah text to study on the Scholarship as it covers the Usul ud-deen (Foundations of Aqeedah) exceptionally well and is said to represent the creed of the two main schools of Sunni Islam (Ashari and Maturidi).
Content:  The book covers the fundamentals of Islamic creed and is broken down and covered in the following areas:
1. Elahiyaat - Issues pertaining to God
2. Nabuwwaat - Issues pertaining to Prophets
3. Sami'aat - Issues pertaining to the Unseen
Assessment: Exam completed remotely online
Author:  Imam Abu Ja`far Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Azdi at-Tahawi
Certification: Certificate on Completion and Sanad / Janaza. As the course is based on a free to learn basis. After successful completion of the course you will be issued a certificate of completion from Maturidi College. However to obtain a formal certificate (sanad) / Isnaad (Authentic chain of transmission) for this book going back to Imam Tahawi himself you will need to formally enrol onto the course and successfully pass the exam at the required %. This will also give you ijazah (certification and permission) to teach and pass on the book.
Module Delivery:  Online through structured prerecorded lessons with access to the instructor and students discussion form. Examinations completed remotely online .Note: The course / module has been compiled using historic video / audio with the permission of the instructor however due to technical issues, there could be some missing content.
Timetable (Content /Exams): 24/7 access to content - Exam if not on the portal then will be available to take in August of each year
Prerequisite (Entry Requirements): The course is designed to provide foundations and an introduction to the subject. You do not need any prior requirements or foundation studies to start this program
Recommendation: This is a recommended text for those students who wish to begin their studies in the field of Aqeedah (Islamic Theology). A text which is accepted by all theological schools of thought. This is the first text students should study in Aqeedah. The student may then continue to a Level 2 Aqeedah Module.   
Fee:  FREE to Learn (Scroll to Content above- registration required) / £200 for enrolment and certification (For benefits of enrolling please see FAQ on home page
The student can enrol onto to the individual course or as part of the Maturidi College - Islamic Scholarship Program, for which you will need to sign up to the bundle course offer. The course is also offered on a free to learn basis which means there is no cost to view the course content below and only registration is required (So just register and return to this page to view the content for free). However should you require certification then you will had to either be enrolled on the course or the program. The free to learn program is a Maturidi College initiative to ensure all Level 1 - Basic / Foundation modules / knowledge in the different fields reaches everyone.
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About the Module Instructor

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Shaykh Hakeem Atabek Shukurov

  United Kingdom
Shaykh Atabek Shukurov Nasafi began his religious studies at the tender age of ten. He studied under local scholars such as Shaykh Sayyid Karim Namangany and Shaykh Mohammed Jaan, under whose guidance he began to memorise the Qur’an. In 1998 he resided in the historic city of Damascus where he continued his studies with some of the finest scholars of our time. He enrolled .four year Al-Ijaza Al-Alimiyya programme at the Takhassus Institute which is affiliated toon a Al-Azhar. For more information about the instructor please visit maturidi.co.uk

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